The requirements of SMEs are different to those of larger, established businesses and organisations. SMEs can rarely afford the costs of recruiting specialist expertise on a permanent basis. So, for most small businesses it makes sense to buy in support as you need it.

As an SME, you may also find that traditional consulting is a little too broad for your needs. The ‘one size fits all’ method may be inappropriate for your operational context, resulting in an expensive and risky investment.

What we offer is a little different.

Consultancy as a service

As an SME you’ll still value commitment, contribution and insight and are almost certainly seeking long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. We understand that our work with SMEs must be affordable, scalable and able to fit around your other priorities.

We recognize that you need a partner who can provide the contingency support, the extra capacity, the specialist advice all businesses need from time to time. We can be that critical friend.

We can support SMEs on a subscription basis. After an initial consultation to review what’s happening in your business and what needs to change. We’ll help you determine the level of support you need and you can then manage your time and budget by calling off our support whenever it suits you.

Innovation Hubs

We are also in the process of setting up Innovation Hubs to provide the opportunity to share experience, knowledge, concerns, opportunities and ideas with people just like you.

We will facilitate the hubs to provide independent challenge and stimulus, and provide access to the latest improvement and change management techniques. The hubs are intended to provide support to business owners, directors, managers and anyone who has change or project management responsibilities.

Our attendance was flexed around our other commitments, which meant we could concentrate on what we were doing during the training sessions.

It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it - That's what gets results!

SME challenges

We believe SMEs face two key challenges that we can help with: The Leadership Challenge and the Operational Challenge.

The Leadership Challenge

We know that leading an SME is more personal; we do it too! The character and values of the CEO/business owner are likely to form an integral part of the culture of the business. It can be hard to ‘let go’ or share your vision for the future.

Change leadership

Improving operational productivity, efficiency and/or cost effectiveness requires new ways of working to be developed and adopted; permanently changing the way people work. Most SMEs can adapt quickly to changes in the market place; they’re small and therefore more agile.

The challenge is to be able to enlist support and involve staff in the change process, managing the cultural change and creating a natural way of how things get done. It should not be something born out of crisis or desperation. Change needs to be led.

As a team, we benefitted hugely. Thank you so much.

Building for the future

SMEs are more vulnerable to the effects of fluctuating workloads and the need for operational resilience to control operating costs and to be able to invest in their growth and expansion plans.

Creating a learning organisation, capable of adapting to changing requirements, building skills and succession planning are key elements of ensuring a business will continue to grow in the long term. Developing a leadership team capable of taking the business on to greater heights is a key element in delivering value.

We will help you create these teams and the support networks needed to ensure the values, services, employment and wealth you first envisioned when the business was set up are maintained and can flourish.

Staff were operating as a team and could see the whole process through from end to end, creating ownership of the process and pride in their work.

The Operational Challenge

Strong, resilient processes help to de-risk a business in the short-term but what about planning for the longer term? With effective and efficient ways of working in place, you and your leadership team will have more time to focus on developing your business, creating the new services and products that generate growth and future prosperity.

Organising the work

To create value, an SME needs to create a compelling vision, develop new products and services and successfully deliver them to customers. This requires joined-up thinking and excellent operational processes. Being organised is not just about doing things right, it is about doing the right things in the right order.

Assured project delivery

Poorly thought-out solutions, implemented in haste, bring inevitable and predictable consequences, such as budget over-runs or planned outcomes not being delivered or benefits not sustainable. Operational efficiency suffers as a result and the cost of time spent on the failed projects is lost forever.

Delivering projects successfully is a specialist skill rather than something developed through trial and error. But it’s a skill everyone is capable of mastering with the right training and support and we can help you.

Our solution

Our blend of consulting support, training and coaching is designed to help your staff learn how to maximise their productivity, predict and resolve issues before they become problems and design and implement better ways of working.

“Steve & Julie were available between sessions and this was very much welcome as it helped to keep us on track and ensure momentum was maintained”

Everyone improving, every day