NHS and other public sector organisations

We work across many areas of the public sector, providing strategic and delivery support to NHS organisations, local authorities, universities, government departments and more widely. We have a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that exist within the public service environment.

Supporting the NHS and other public sector organisations is important to us. We have helped many teams to make a difference to how they work and want to do even more.


The work people do matters and the people doing the work matter too!


This phrase came to mind when we were working with a Medical Records team. The staff were utterly dedicated and doing a fantastic job but because their processes were not fit for purpose, there were constant backlogs. It is examples like this that shapes our approach every day.

In recent years, budget pressures in the public sector have frequently translated into staff cuts. Having less staff impacts the capacity and time teams have to look at improving the way work gets done. This ultimately leads to greater inefficiency, more broken processes, a never-ending cycle of cancelled/postponed events and ultimately, higher costs.

“Steve used his experience, skill and a naturally, honest, realistic and pragmatic approach to quickly build trust and confidence among all those involved. This was essential for the successful implementation of the digital change programme”

It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it - That's what gets results!

There is a better way!

Developing your staff’s process improvement skills ensures that they will always look for the most efficient and effective ways of working, which will contribute to the performance of the whole organisation. Gaining the time and capacity to focus on the things that matter most boosts staff morale and re-energises teams.

“Improvement led by our front line staff helps make the most of talented, positive staff at all levels of the service”


One of the comments frequently mentioned by public sector staff is their frustration with how the rapid succession of policy changes can affect the pace of change. Multiple and simultaneous change initiatives are never a good idea and change projects that are stopped in their tracks before completion can have major consequences on how change and improvement is seen (and supported/or not) by public sector organisations and their staff. The sheer frustration of working on something only for it to be superseded or abandoned without explanation actually puts people off change or improvement so less gets done. This also happens when change initiatives are dictated by policy rather than relevance to them.

This doesn’t mean that rapid improvement gains can’t be achieved. We recently completed an improvement project from concept through to completion in less than 4 weeks. We helped them find the most useful project management tools to get everything done in the shortest possible time. And it was fun too! The only proviso here is that they do need to be small projects with everyone working together throughout the period.

Another widely held belief is that somehow things are fundamentally different for public sector staff. As outlined above, when looking at policy that may well be the case, but when it comes to our speciality of understanding and improving operational processes, there really isn’t that much difference.

Why, you might be asking? This is because in any service-based environment, the key ingredients are the people and the processes. Therefore, when it comes to improving the way work gets done, everything we have learnt and put into practice in private sector organisations is equally applicable to the public sector, and vice versa.

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“Steve’s delivery was fun, energising, interactive and really engaging. His facilitation skills are second to none and we now feel more confident that we are able to take our learning into the wider organisation on a daily basis”