Who we help

Whatever your business, the sector you serve or the size of your organisation, we work with businesses and organisations like yours. We help you to improve the efficiency of operational and administrative processes. In fact, wherever people work together and transfer of information, knowledge or work instructions to get the job done.

It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it - That's what gets results!

Our Definitions

Larger businesses and organisations

Corporations, limited companies; LLPs: are likely to have multiple operating divisions or departments and may be multi-site.


Any organisation with no more than 2 layers of senior management (not including supervisors, team leaders or similar) regardless of size or turnover.

NHS and other public sector organisations

NHS bodies, government departments, local government, schools, colleges and universities.

Supply chain

Logistics companies and internal supply chains in any type of organisation.


We pride ourselves on living by our “It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it,” values. It makes our work more fun for the people we are working with.

It doesn’t matter what type of organisation you’re working in, it’s the connections we make with you and your staff that make the difference and “that’s what gets results!”

Here’s what some of the people we have worked with have had to say about working with us.

Steve’s expert facilitation allowed us to go ‘off piste’ whenever we needed to explore things in more detail.

I have rarely seen anyone more able than Steve to walk into a room full of strangers and have them all totally at ease within a few short moments.

We didn’t have to sit through PowerPoint ‘just because’.

There was no management/consultant speak.

We were allowed the time to find our own way through what we wanted/needed to learn but were also supported whenever we got stuck.

Feedback during the wrap-up event was overwhelmingly positive.

Their delivery style was energetic and inspiring. The staff involved have all provided excellent feedback on their experience.

At first I was fairly apprehensive about the expectations and the fast pace of the programme, but Steve quickly put my mind at rest and provided the encouragement and reassurance needed to keep up the pace. His method of delivery on the training days was engaging and proactive, and he provided a candidness that was refreshing, particularly during sensitive topics of conversation amongst the group. On the other hand, the anecdotes allowed a light-heartedness and real-life context for the subject matter.

Thanks for all your help with what I consider a successful training course!