Improving Your Productivity

Lost productivity

Lost productivity means lots of well-intentioned people are working hard but not getting enough done. It means stress at work and sleepless nights at home. Not only are organisations wasting up to 50% of their wage bill as their staff struggle with processes and work instructions that don’t work for them, they are also contributing to increased staff sickness, absenteeism and staff turnover.


Lost productivity is costing UK PLC approximately £19bn per annum and affects every business.


Is productivity in your organisation the best it can be?

You may not yet have been able to identify a specific problem. It might simply be that operating costs or productivity just aren’t where you feel they should be. Just imagine how much you could benefit in your organisation from improved productivity.

Perhaps recent improvement plans haven’t delivered expected results (or they’ve made things worse – it’s not unknown!) and your staff have lost faith in attempting any more change.

The average lead time was reduced by 32% to 5 days.

It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it - That's what gets results!

What impact could low productivity be having in your organisation?

Answer these 12 simple questions to find out

Do you feel in control of your operation and its performance?

Do you sometimes have to rush to complete orders on time?

Do people feel like they are stuck in ‘fire-fighting’ mode, constantly under pressure?

Do you know how many staff are needed to get everything done?

Is there inconsistency in how people work in their team/part of the organisation?

Are you aware of the operational issues you need to address? All of them?

Do you have plans in place to fix all of your operational issues?

Is it difficult for people to tell what’s going on "on the ground"?

Are your operating costs rising and/or productivity is falling?

Do employees/managers feel like they know "what’s going on" or "what the plan is"?

Do you have the people and the skills you need to improve the way work gets done?

Does your organisation have a history of successful change delivery?

Your risk factor is

Do you need an innovative and imaginative solution to help improve your organisation’s productivity?

Working with us will help you to see problems from a different perspective, discovering innovative and imaginative solutions.

Above all, we will ensure that you can identify and resolve the performance issues most critical to your business.

We will share our knowledge and experience of ‘what works’ to ensure you design and deliver effective projects that are certain of success.  Our approach will also enable your staff to become your future problem-solving capability.

“Working with Efficient Thinking helped us to streamline our processes, saving considerable time and cost throughout the business. More importantly it is empowering our teams to work more collaboratively.”

How do we do this?

We know that you and your staff know your business better than anyone. By simply talking to your staff, asking the ‘right’ questions and mapping your processes to see how the work flows (or doesn’t), we can quickly identify a range of practical, logical and operationally viable improvement solutions.

Being at the coalface your employees are probably all too aware of inefficient processes. We work with them to develop more efficient and workable solutions. We combine the skills and knowledge of your whole team, with a variety of different improvement tools and methodologies and oodles of practical operational experience, to help them make their processes and systems work better for them, for you and for your customers.

We will also show them the quickest way of getting the solutions implemented, saving you time and money.

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