Implementing change successfully

For many people, projects are complex, time-consuming and stressful. Implementing change can feel risky and uncertain for you and your staff. You will want to be confident that every minute you spend on delivering improvements to the way you work will make a difference.

It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it - That's what gets results!

We specialise in ‘unsticking’ stuck projects, re-engaging staff and getting things back on track. We know how to design and deliver projects that are certain to succeed, from the start.

You will be amazed how many projects we’ve seen that have started without any plan or purpose in place. It’s no wonder that 70% of projects are considered to fail!

We’ve found that very few staff have project management skills or experience, but that everyone has the potential, with the right support, to lead a project. It provides a development opportunity for them and is a great investment in the future of your business.

Unlike typical consultancies, we bring masses of practical operational experience. We are proud of our 100% success record in delivering better results, faster, for our clients.

“It was refreshing to see the ways in which they encouraged engagement and enthusiasm in all colleagues, turning meetings into opportunities where people always found their time working together both interesting and productive.”

Project management is not just about ownership or accountability for its delivery. It’s also about engaging everyone in the change process and giving them a voice. It’s about ensuring there are ‘no surprises’; making sure everyone is informed about project activities and progress and how they are affected.

It requires a lot of energy, enthusiasm and confidence. And critical to the success of a project is someone who can act as an advocate of it. People are encouraged by those who demonstrate their belief in a project through their own behaviours and actions.

Assured results, more quickly; our specialism and the reason we created the company

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Don’t underestimate the influence you have on others!

We approach project management with the purpose of enhancing staff engagement and improving operational productivity, efficiency and/or cost effectiveness. We want to help you develop and achieve permanent and sustainable changes.

Having worked with many different businesses and organisations, all with similar issues to yours, we know first-hand that there is no quick-fix solution. It is too easy to attempt to introduce poorly thought-out solutions to problems and implement projects in haste. Doing this has the inevitable and predictable consequences of:

  • project cost and budget over-runs;
  • planned outcomes not delivered or solutions not sustained;
  • benefits not captured; and ultimately,
  • staff disengagement and returning problems.

With the right training and support, improvement can be achieved in your organisation. We will help your staff learn how to utilise their operational knowledge in the design of better ways of working and more efficient services. The result? More projects being delivered more successfully, more often and more quickly.

“Steve’s ability to mix theoretical knowledge and real life experience of project management really made an impact.”