Creating a change environment

Improving the performance of an organisation requires change. Changing the method and structure is straightforward but changing the way your employees work takes a little more skill.

Most people think change is about the tools and techniques they use, the ‘how?’ – this is change management. But, 80% of change is about how it’s led and how engaged the staff are – this is change leadership.

Delivering practical and effective change – the best possible result in the shortest possible time.

Good leadership is the main driver of a successful business and represents the biggest single differentiator of improved operational performance. Yet it’s not something that comes naturally to people

“Their clarity and guidance has been outstanding and is helping us create a culture of change”

Many people assume that they will somehow gain their leadership skills as they go along. This simply isn’t the case. We’ve all worked for someone who is going through a trial and error leadership learning curve – it can be painful, can’t it?

We need to be guided, supported and encouraged to develop our leadership skills. We can help you develop the change leadership skills required to deliver your vision of what your business needs to go forward.

“Change isn’t about overcoming resistance, it’s about recruiting allies”

Tom Peters (American writer on business management practices)

It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it - That's what gets results!

Delivering Successful Change

What is the single most important marginal gain? Undoubtedly, the key thing is ownership. People don’t like being told what to do. Forget the dictate and control mantra. If you give people ownership over what they do, how they improve, this is the biggest game changer.

Dave Brailsford – General Manager of Team Sky

We can help your employees get involved and engaged with change by:

  • Taking time to explain the context of the change required and how it impacts them
  • Giving them the opportunity to influence, develop and own new solutions to current problems. After all, they are experts in getting the job done!
  • We will help them to build their understanding and take ownership of new solutions

“People don’t fear change, they fear loss of what they currently have.”

So, how do we do this?

We are visible: No cliques, no hidden project teams; we involve everyone


We enable change: We listen, evaluate, prepare and plan diligently and we help you take action

We are implementation led: We help facilitate the design of the solutions that we know can be implemented successfully

We’ve done this before: We help your team  implement better solutions for each particular situation

We work with you and you staff to develop new skills, giving your organisation an inbuilt change capability – to always look for improvement in what you do. This means you will always be able to deliver lasting results quickly and effectively: Guaranteed

“No-one wanted to return to the old way of working!”