How we can help

We help businesses become more efficient and productive. We have extensive operational management experience and practical knowledge. That means we can hit the ground running as there are very few situations we haven’t come across.

We also have the people skills to work with your staff to help them find ways to improve your company’s productivity and make it a business they are proud to be part of.

As experienced operational managers, we know how to make work flow better. We also understand what makes people tick and see patterns in the way they work. Pulling these together enables us to help you do the same.

We don’t do management jargon. We speak ordinary, every day language that everyone understands.

Our approach is:


We use a range of practical activities and exercises to help develop understanding


Our activities are based around solving actual workplace issues as this gives your staff a real life example


We encourage your staff to explore, develop and practice new skills, in a non-threatening, supportive environment


Our delivery allows people time to reflect on what they’ve learnt and consider how they will apply it in their workplace and introduce it to their colleagues


We learn as much from each other through discussion as we can from theories and concepts


We recognise you have a business to run and that your staff have day jobs. We can set up our sessions to suit their work schedules and availability

It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it - That's what gets results!

“The work people do matters and the people doing the work matter too.”

Working with you

We know that:

  • Changing the way your organisation works is complex and can be difficult
  • Delivering change often feels risky and uncertain for you and your staff
  • When you’re firefighting in your day-to-day operations you feel you don’t have time to invest in improving things
  • You need to be sure that every minute you spend on improving the way you work will make a difference
  • If you’re not sure where to start improving things, it can feel easier not to start at all

So, what do we do differently to help you manage change?

We Listen: because your organisation is unique. We are resolute in our pursuit of the ‘right’ answers for your specific requirements and we also know that any planned change has to interact within a wider network of other teams, processes and infrastructure.

We Learn: by working in partnership with you, providing an external challenge and perspective. We don’t hide from asking the difficult questions to get to the heart of things. We know stuff; you know stuff: we use our combined experiences and transferable knowledge to help you create better ways of working.

We Succeed: by engaging with your staff, adding to their expertise and building their skills to help them to become more effective and more valuable. We are proud of our 100% success record in delivering better results, faster, for our clients.

We will work with you at whatever pace and scale of project you need and can accommodate. We will agree a schedule of our support that ensures that all of our time with you is utilised fully.

The key ingredients of what we do

Team building

  • Bringing everyone with us; engaging and involving your staff in the improvement process
  • Giving your staff a voice and facilitating their suggestions of improvement

Staff development

  • Coaching: developing leadership skills at every level of the organisation
  • Active learning: developing new skills by solving real workplace problems
  • Training: enabling your staff to realise their potential

Transformation & cultural change

  • Changing behaviours; shifting people’s perceptions
  • Helping you to build your brand; creating a workplace people are proud of
  • Everyone improving, every day

Process design and implementation

  • Incorporating needs of your staff and customers into every solution

Organisational design

  • Re-designing your organisation, aligning teams, creating flow

Project delivery

  • Assured delivery of better results, quicker; our specialism and the reason we created the company

“We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit”


Our delivery

We know the most effective way of delivering improvements with our clients is by working with a small, dedicated team of their staff. The staff need to be allocated an agreed amount of time per week to focus exclusively on project activities. This approach makes our time with you more efficient, more cost effective and will deliver greater benefits overall. It also shows the commitment of your leadership team to the changes.

We will introduce them to a 4-stage improvement cycle:


Define: we will identify, and agree with you, the issues you must resolve to deliver your improvement strategy

Diagnose: we will work with your staff to get to the root cause of issues affecting your team’s productivity

Design: we will help design and develop the solutions to get you the best results, soonest

Deliver: we will support you and your staff to successfully deliver the improvements we defined at the outset

To succeed, we will need:

  • Your commitment to the project
  • Your leadership, support and advocacy for change
  • A small team of your staff dedicated to working with us on site