Why Good Leadership is Vital for Effective Change

Why Good Leadership is Vital for Effective Change

We’ve all seen it before, “the boss knows best”, yet still tasks take too long, staff remain unhappy, customers are constantly complaining…… A vicious circle with no end in sight?

It’s a well-known fact that senior leaders only see the tip of the iceberg at just 5% of the daily problems (and managers only see 15%).

It’s the front-line staff that see a whopping 90% of the problems created by poor systems and processes. This makes sense when you consider that they are involved in the nuts and bolts of the job.  They’re the ones that are constantly frustrated by something not working properly or the customers chasing solutions again and again. They are also the ones that have ideas for solutions to their problems but are often prevented, discouraged or afraid to make the changes required.

But, how many leaders actually involve the people actually doing the job in the decision making? Do they ask them what’s making their job difficult? What’s preventing them for achieving the targets set?

Good leaders engage their staff in the work they are doing.  They set the vision for the business and allow the staff to work out the best way to meet the vision.  The staff become engaged with the business and in turn help to make the customer happy.

The teams and individuals will have ideas on how to improve as they are the ones that know what’s going wrong.  They need to agree on a solution and speak with those in other teams that will be affected by the changes made before implementing them.

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