Service Excellence Training Programme – UK Banking Group

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The brief:

Despite having adopted the Lean methodology over many years, a culture driven by performance targets remained. Meeting targets was being prioritised over problem solving and improvement. This was causing unacceptable levels of stress, conflict and confusion amongst managers and their staff. This programme of workshops for senior managers was designed to challenge their perceptions and explore new ways of working that could deliver a culture of service excellence across the organisation.

What we did:

We delivered a sequence of highly interactive, thought provoking workshops. The format of each day was to review current processes and behaviours and their effect on staff, customers and business performance. Training utilised interactive exercises, videos and group activities, each designed to extend the delegates awareness of the importance of customer value and staff engagement in the improvement of service delivery.

The result:

Each sequence of workshops highlighted the importance of customer focus, whole system thinking and leadership behaviours in the design and delivery of excellent services. Over 500 managers, across 5 different operating centres, attended the workshops over a 6 month period. This ensured the rapid introduction of a new strategic direction and exploration of how it could be translated into the management of day-to-day activities, applied consistently across the whole organisation.