Operating Model implementation – UK Banking Group Call Centre Operations

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The brief:

This programme was commissioned to create the capacity required to enable the transfer of additional customers into Business Banking as part of a Group wide reorganisation.

What we did:

Working with a team of four Bank staff we reviewed of 15 core processes, developing their lean process improvement skills as they identified and solved issues affecting productivity of the staff. The design of improved processes focussed on reducing in the incidence of failure demand triggers within inbound customer calls whilst also creating a sustainable in-house continuous improvement capability.

A further 13 immediately deliverable improvement opportunities were identified during a 3 day Rapid Improvement Event. This led to the development of a capacity planning and workflow tool, the application of visual management and the design of a ‘one best way’ cell layout in preparation for the transfer of additional customer volumes.

The result:

The programme successfully delivered 15% increase in the capacity of the existing teams, corresponding to a full-year saving of £0.5m. This met programme objectives, enabling the new operating model to be implemented without the need for extra staff. Further in-year initiatives equivalent to an extra 11% capacity increase were also identified and introduced once the new operating model was stabilised. The programme team also developed an enhanced sales planning method which led to the better targeting of prospects equivalent to a 5% sales uplift.