Our experience of working with larger organisations

Case Study Placeholder ImageCase Study Placeholder Image

We have worked with numerous NHS organisations, redesigned patient pathways and undertaken many process improvement projects. We are proud of our continuing, pioneering work with the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network and the West Midlands Pharmacy Local Professional Network. We have also just completed a review of the entire internal supply chain of a District General Hospital.

We spent a considerable amount of 2016 working with Capita and Southampton City Council delivering an MCA Award winning digitisation programme. We have also undertaken a series of Rapid Improvement events supporting the Planning Teams at three London boroughs. We understand the local government sector well.

In the education sector, we can point to an exciting digital programme with a prestigious university as well as delivering the ‘Value for Money’ programme with the Department for Education.

We also designed and delivered a Continuous Improvement programme for UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) that is still delivering benefits 2 years on. In fact, during one of the many long distance walking events we take part in we met a UKVI employee who told us all about how much she was benefitting from the change in culture and the processes that had resulted from the programme. That’s when we told her that we were the people who designed it! What a recommendation!

Our methods and approach have been particularly successful in engaging managers, professional and administrative staff in equal measure. Our focus on delivery and a collaborative approach ensures we create a highly professional, encouraging and creative learning environment, bringing together the various stakeholder skills to discover new solutions and effectively meet project requirements.