Effective Leadership

We probably all recognise that leadership is one of the drivers of a successful business and represents the biggest single differentiator of improved operational performance. And yet it’s not something that comes naturally or that many of us do well.

Many organisations assume, wrongly, that newly promoted managers will somehow gain their leadership skills as they go along. This simply isn’t the case. People need to be guided, supported and encouraged to develop their leadership skills.

All too often, leadership is taught as a set of concepts or business models – as academic theory. But 20 years of operations management has taught us that, to be effective, leadership must be more than just a learnt theory. It needs to be embedded into day-to-day practice; to become a habit and a way of working.

Of course, leadership is required to provide direction and bring structure to an organisation, but leadership isn’t just about getting the work done it’s also about how people feel. Nobody comes to work each day to be bored, ignored or disengaged! So leadership must also be about enabling every member of staff to be able to engage and want to work at their most effective best.

It is an active, practical, human skill that builds relationships, creates teams and connects everyone together. The expertise in developing leadership skills is in taking appropriate leadership theory and fitting it within and around the context of your business. Discovering what works for you and your personality

We encourage everyone to think about leadership as an investment in the future success of their business. Watch your staff grow in confidence, become more proficient and even more energised!

Think of how introducing effective leadership into your organisation will benefit the experience of your customers and the positive impact this will have on sales and the reputation of your business.