Turnaround Review – Education Supply Chain

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The brief

Review of business processes & market analysis to identify the turn round actions and wider strategy required to return operations to financial balance and create the potential for business growth.

What we did

Prior to our involvement, the business only measured performance in financial terms such a stock value and monthly payroll; data regarding demand patterns, how the work got done, when or where or who did it was not being recorded. We began by measuring the key process steps and activity volumes, overlaid with process timings. We also interviewed staff, mapped processes and gathered large amounts of anecdotal information. This enabled us to accurately measure performance and create a definitive baseline of current activity and costs.

Making performance data visible allowed everyone in the organisation to understand where bottlenecks and inefficiencies were occurring. Working with key stakeholders we designed new solutions, developed a restructured the operating model and realigned staff working patterns. These were then assessed against effort and risk criteria to establish and agree which were the most acceptable and deliverable solutions.

The result

The review identified nine key actions required to restore financial balance within a six month period and identified opportunities to secure additional revenues of up to £2m p.a.

“Throughout the review the team were exceptional in the approach they took, had a very clear understanding of the client’s needs, were very sensitive to the political issues regarding the review and, without prejudice, demonstrated an ability to work at all levels of the organisation. The team spirit they generated was a credit to their outstanding professionalism and ably demonstrated their ability to engage with clients when conducting such reviews”.

Director of Operations