Digital Transformation – City Council

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The brief

Digital transformation programme to improve efficiency and reduce staff costs for the delivery of all Regulatory Services

What we did

The programme provided an opportunity to introduce process improvement skills to a new group of council staff. This wasn’t in the brief but we know it gets better solutions for our clients, so we proposed working with a team of 4 hand-picked staff. None had had previous experience of redesigning processes but had detailed knowledge of each service area. We began by utilising Customer Journey Mapping workshops to engage council staff and build momentum across each of seven service directorates.

The team then set about improving existing work practices and incorporating new opportunities to add digital solutions to improve data flows and customer access to services. User requirements were then developed to enable the team of 20 developers, system architects and testers to convert the operational processes into new digital solutions, using Agile scrum methodology.

The result

The digital solutions were implemented to make services easier to access via web-based channels, maximising process efficiency. The programme delivered £1.8m savings in year and developed new commercial revenues of £360k. Since completing the programme, two members of the team, who were previously Environmental Health Officers, have gone on to take up new roles as continuous improvement specialists.