Delivery Assurance Diagnostic– Specialist Printing Company

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The brief:

Assess the viability of existing plans to re-align management teams and production facilities to create a process based organisation.

What we did:

The business was split between 8 manufacturing sites, based in the UK and Europe. The management of each location was structured operational processes and functions, leading to significant duplication and inefficiency. It was important that we started by visiting each site, mapping material flows and understanding the current operational context. We produced an operational baseline and overlaid each sites plans for delivering the proposed restructure. This identified significant gaps in preparedness, capability and capacity to implement some of the proposed changes. Working with the each locations management team we worked with them to identify options to overcome the challenges we’d identified.

The result:

Our recommendations identified actions that enabled our client to proceed with the restructure, delivering a reduction in the management team by 10% and operational savings of £514k p.a.